Tredyffrin Township 2012 Fire/EMS Funding
By Newsdesk
November 21, 2011

The Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors adopted their 2012 Preliminary Budget on Monday, November 21st. This budget includes operating and capital contribution levels at 2011 levels for the Berwyn Fire Company. The Berwyn Fire Company is optimistic that the Final budget will be approved with the same figures in place.

In the chart below you will see $1,025,200 million listed as the total Fire and Ambulance expenditure in the 2012 budget. It is important to breakdown the numbers and to show the community exactly what each line item represents. The actual township funding from tax dollars that is divided amongst the Berwyn, Paoli and Radnor fire companies is $460,200, while the combined annual budgets of the 3 fire companies are expected to be over $3 million in 2012.

To learn more about how the Berwyn Fire Company is funded please visit the HOW ARE WE FUNDED section of our website. We hope you will find the information below helpful in understanding how we are funded from a municipal perspective. We will be sharing Easttown Township information in the same format when available.

Utilities – Hydrant Service ($140,000)

The water company (AQUA Pennsylvania) maintains the public fire hydrants in Tredyffrin Township. The 2012 budget is $140,000 for this line item. Although, this line item falls under the Fire and Ambulance budget, none of this money is directed to the fire companies.

State Aid Pass Through - Relief ($425,000)

Berwyn: $212,500
Paoli: $212,500

The Berwyn Fire Company also operates the Berwyn Volunteer Firefighter Relief Association which is a charitable, non-profit organization formed to afford financial protection to volunteer firefighters and to encourage individuals within the community to participate in the volunteer fire service. The relief association bylaws regulate the specific procedures by which the association assets are managed. The relief association is funded by the Foreign Fire Insurance Tax. The tax is paid by fire insurance companies which do business in Pennsylvania but are not domiciled here. The State of Pennsylvania determines the amount of distribution to each municipality based upon the population of that municipality as well as the market value of real estate within the municipality.

Upon receipt of the distribution, the municipality must allocate the funds to the relief association of the fire company or companies which are recognized as providing services to the municipality. The 2012 Budget is $425,000 for this line item that will be divided in half to the Berwyn and Paoli fire companies. Radnor receives Relief funding from Radnor Township. Although this item falls under the Fire and Ambulance category, none of this money comes directly from State or Tredyffrin Township taxpayers.

It should be noted that a total of $683,446.60 in Relief was split between Berwyn and Paoli in late 2011. This has been described by State officials as a one-time increase and is not to be expected to occur again in the near future. These funds are restricted and can't be spent to pay for salaries or benefits of paid employees of the fire companies. Since 2005, the average funding that comes from these non-taxpayer dollars is $202,000 per fire company.

Township Operating Contribution ($199,600)

Berwyn: $88,200
Paoli: $88,200
Radnor: $23,200

The 3 fire companies that service Tredyffrin on a primary basis receive operating support in the form of tax dollars. These numbers represent funding at 2011 levels.

Township Capital Contribution ($126,670)

Berwyn: $93,335
Paoli: $33,335

Berwyn and Paoli receive capital support that assists with payment of apparatus. For example, Berwyn took delivery of a new ladder truck that cost about $1 million in early 2011 that took the place of a 1990 ladder truck. These numbers represent funding at 2011 levels for Berwyn and Paoli.

Township Advanced Life Support ($99,930)

Berwyn: $99,930

Tredyffrin Township is serviced by Berwyn Fire Company, Malvern Fire Company, and Radnor Fire Company for ALS services. However, Berwyn is the only organization that receives a contribution in this category. These numbers represent funding at 2011 levels.

Vehicle Insurance Offset ($5,000)

Paoli: $5,000

Paoli receives a contribution to assist with vehicle insurance for Fire/EMS apparatus. However, this number will decrease from 2010-2012 as noted in the 2012 Tredyffrin Township Preliminary Budget Report.

Personnel – Benefits – Workers Compensation ($29,000)

Paoli: $29,000

It is common for the municipality in Pennsylvania where a fire company is located to provide for workers compensation. Paoli Fire Company will receive $29,000 in the 2012 budget from Tredyffrin, while the Berwyn Fire Company will receive their contribution in this line item from Easttown Township and the Radnor Fire Company will receive one from Radnor Township.

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