Berwyn Fire/EMS Highlights Overlapping Calls Statistic
By Newsdesk
February 8, 2019

BERWYN, PA – The Berwyn Fire Company is continually looking for ways to better educate the community about what we do and how we do it. We feel a deep sense of obligation as not just your first responders, but as your neighbors to share the efforts that our volunteers and career staff put forth in service to you.

In particular, the call stats box on the home page now has a column labeled ‘Overlaps’. This number reflects the number of times we have simultaneous fire and/or emergency medical services calls during the month. This past January there was a total of 233 fire/EMS responses, which included 60 overlapping situations.

These overlaps create stress in the overall fire/EMS system for our volunteers and career staff. It also puts additional pressure on our mutual aid partners who need to back us up when we run out of people to handle the calls. At the same time, many of our mutual aid partners are experiencing the same pressures.

In the primary Tredyffrin/Easttown area we are charged to protect, we anticipate ambulance call volume to increase due to the growing patient capacity at the substance abuse rehabilitation facility, Recovery Centers of America in Easttown, as well as the upcoming opening of Brightview Senior Living in Tredyffrin. The aging population, as well as increased housing and development in both residential and commercial areas, will add to the numbers.

We continue to make great strides with our municipal partners, Supervisors and Staff, in both Townships. The communication with the Townships has increased significantly over the past several years in discussing issues such as call volume and the best ways to handle it. Our future success will rely greatly on the continued support of the Townships.

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