Berwyn Fire Company Launches Quick Response Service Unit
By Newsdesk
May 3, 2019

BERWYN, PA – The Berwyn Fire Company officially launched its Quick Response Service (QRS) Unit on May 1st to enhance its emergency medical services (EMS) delivery to the Tredyffrin-Easttown community.

As a number of BFC volunteer EMTs and Paramedics reside in the T-E community, it was a natural fit to incorporate this component into a well-established EMS program. BFC relies on an experienced and well-trained cadre of volunteers and paid employees to provide basic and advanced life support services 24x7. This past year these personnel responded to 2,297 calls, with the vast majority occurring within the T-E community.

Along with the (3) ambulances, (3) fire trucks, and (1) EMS command vehicle being licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Fire Chiefs response vehicle was also added to the licensure as part of the QRS Unit rollout.

For the last several years a number of firefighters and EMS personnel have been equipped with automated external defibrillators (AED), which has provided them with the ability to respond directly to the scene of cardiac arrest calls. Due to the advent of the QRS Unit, many of these same personnel have been issued an emergency portable radio, oxygen bottle, adult/infant bag valve breathing masks, and bleeding control supplies to augment their capabilities for response to minor and more significant medical calls.

In many instances, especially in areas around and north of Route 202, which includes the Chesterbrook section of Tredyffrin Township, QRS personnel will be able to arrive prior to the ambulance crew to start providing patient care. This allows for additional resources to be requested sooner based on a patient assessment. If someone calls for an ambulance and it turns out the call is minor or the person does not want to go to the hospital, the QRS responder can take care of the required documentation and allow the ambulance crew to become available for other emergencies that may arise.

The overall goal of BFC is to do right by the T-E community in all the services and programs it provides. The addition of the QRS unit falls in line with direction set forth by the 5-year Community Driven Strategic Plan that was adopted in December 2018.

A special thank you to the Chester County Department of Emergency Services for their support in getting the QRS initiative off the ground.

Any questions about the QRS Unit can be directed to EMS Captain Michael Baskin by email at


The Berwyn Fire Company is a registered 501c3 non-profit combination organization that provides primary fire, EMS, and rescue services to 30,338 citizens between Tredyffrin Township and Easttown Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. To learn more about the Company visit