Busy Fall for Berwyn Fire Co. Firefighters, Paramedics & EMTs
By Newsdesk
November 15, 2019

BERWYN, PA - Fire alarms, car fires, house fires, EMS calls...these are just some of the wide variety of incidents that Berwyn volunteers and career staff are summoned to in the Tredyffrin-Easttown community. Berwyn members train on these types of things daily in some fashion.

This Fall, members of Berwyn’s Specialized Rescue teams have been busy training for other types of incidents that are out of the realm of the ordinary. Namely, technical rescue incidents including having to rescue one of our own, confined space rescue, and water rescue. All of them carried out by seasoned and experienced volunteers and career staff that cumulatively, have many years of experience.

The Rapid Intervention Team spent time practicing firefighter removal techniques, simulating scenarios in which a firefighter gets lost or trapped and needs to be rescued from a burning home or building. This is a physically and emotionally demanding situation that puts the personnel involved in one of the most challenging situations that they will ever have to face. A situation highlighted by the tragic loss of a Lieutenant in the Worcester Fire Department earlier this week. Lt. Menard was killed while operating at a house fire. Early reports say that that he died while heroically helping save the lives of the three other members of his crew when they had become lost and disoriented while performing a search inside a house fire after receiving reports of a trapped female and baby.

Members also spent time practicing techniques for rescuing personnel trapped in confined spaces with hazardous atmospheres. Examples could range from industrial storage tanks to sewers and subsurface storm drain collection areas.

Finally, another issue that Berwyn first responders often face is roadway flooding that can leave civilians stranded in vehicles and homes. Water rescue team members were able to get some pool time to practice the various techniques required in these challenging situations, including some ice rescue scenarios.

For more information about flooding safety and ice safety, please visit the websites below.

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