Is Your Fire Hydrant Clear of Snow?
By Newsdesk
January 19, 2024

BERWYN, PA - After the latest snowfall, the Berwyn Fire Company wants to remind all homeowners and businesses to ensure the fire hydrant on your property is clear of snow and visible to first responders. A 3 feet clear radius around the fire hydrant is preferred.

'Adopt Your Fire Hydrant' and ensure it is ready to be used in case a fire strikes in your neighborhood.

Firefighters utilize fire hydrants when the water on the fire truck, typically 500-1000 gallons, is used up and a sustainable water supply is needed to battle a fire.

To report a damaged or leaking fire hydrant contact Aqua Pennsylvania at 877-987-2782 immediately. If you require special assistance clearing snow from your fire hydrant, due to illness, age, etc., don't hesitate to contact the Berwyn firehouse at 610-644-6050 or email

(*Commercial and Industrial Building Owners...Your property may have Fire Department Connections (FDC's) attached to your building or somewhere on your property. Please check to make sure that these are clear as well!)