Easttown Twp. Parks and Recreation Board Supports BFC
By NewsDesk
September 22, 2021

BERWYN, PA - A big thank you goes out to the Easttown Township Parks and Recreation Board for their recent donation of $909. This was made possible from the generous support of attendees from this past July 4th celebration held at Johnson Park. This is very much appreciated by our membership.

In 2021, our annual Fire and EMS fund drives have seen a significant decrease in responses from residents and businesses in the T-E community. This is a challenge shared by other non-profit 9-1-1 services in the region, including our close partners at Paoli Fire Company and Radnor Fire Company.

Donations from the community continue to be a vital component of our revenue stream, along with municipal funding, medical billing reimbursement and grants. The ability to continue providing high quality services depends on generous community support!
You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Berwyn Fire Company by visiting https://www.berwynfireco.org/content/funddrive/

And if you aren’t served by the volunteers and career staff at Berwyn, please donate to your local fire / EMS agency.