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The Berwyn Fire Company needs your opinion, input and support to build a Fire/EMS substation to better serve the residents of Chesterbrook and surrounding neighborhoods. 

We need your input! We need to know if you would support a Fire/EMS substation in Chesterbrook near the area of Anthony Wayne Drive and Valley Forge Road. It will allow us to get to your home faster in an emergency. We have set up a survey for all Chesterbrook area residents to express their opinions.

We ask that you take 3 minutes and complete this short survey. It simply asks if you would be in favor of this community initiative. We ask you to identify your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and share any additional comments. We also ask that you voice your opinion with your HOA and the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors. 


When Chesterbrook was first developed, the original plans called for a Fire Station to be built in the development. Those plans never came to fruition due to many unknowns, including the fact that no active volunteers lived in that area of the Township. 

Since Chesterbrook was built, ALL Chesterbrook Residents and Businesses have been served by the Berwyn Fire Company in the event they call 9-1-1 for a Fire or Medical emergency. Berwyn Fire Company covers 100% of Chesterbrook for Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. 

Berwyn Fire Company consists of 9 full-time and 20 part-time firefighting & medical personnel (both Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians) along with over 70 highly-trained volunteer members that respond to emergencies. Over 70% of our volunteers live in Tredyffrin Township and are proud to serve the community.

In an effort to provide better response times to the residents of Chesterbrook, Glenhardie and the Swedesford Corridor, in 2019 Berwyn Fire Company set-up a substation by renting a vacant apartment in Old Forge Crossing. It housed an ambulance and was staffed with an EMT and Paramedic during weekdays only. It demonstrated great improvement in response times and patient outcomes.

In January 2020, the Berwyn Fire Company was fortunate to relocate to 1100 West Valley Road (by Gateway Shopping Center). We house an ambulance and fire truck in a tent structure in the parking lot, along with renting some office space on the 2nd floor. In the last year, there have been a number of examples where our substation crew was able to mitigate an emergency quickly with a more favorable outcome than would have occurred if Berwyn Fire Company was responding from our main station located in the Village of Berwyn. 

Since relocating personnel and limited apparatus near Gateway Shopping Center the Berwyn Fire Company has shown a 25% improvement in meeting response time goals. While the tent is an improvement, it is not a permanent, sustainable solution for a number of reasons. We need a safe and efficient facility that can support our mission for years to come. 

Working collaboratively with both Tredyffrin and Easttown Township Supervisors and Staff, Berwyn Fire Company is actively working on a location to house a new, permanent Fire/EMS substation. This will increase our response capabilities for our volunteers and career staff. More importantly, it will dramatically reduce response times for residents of Chesterbrook and enhance patient outcomes.


Our volunteers and career staff have operated in the Village of Berwyn for over 125 years in very close proximity to residential homes. We have also successfully operated our temporary Fire/EMS substation with no disruption to the homes close by on West Valley Road, Thomas Road, Warren Road, Huntington Road, Muhlenberg Drive and Von Steuben Drive.

In 2020, our volunteers and career staff responded to 60 fire/rescue calls and 211 medical calls in Chesterbrook. This doesn’t include the hundreds of times a year our emergency vehicles traverse Chesterbrook Boulevard and Adams Drive responding to other incidents in and around Chesterbrook. 

Most siren noise heard in Chesterbrook and adjoining areas is related to ambulance travel to Paoli Hospital, in particular, Rt. 202 South to the Rt. 252 Paoli off ramp. The highway noise from Rt. 202 and PA Turnpike will continue to be the predominant round the clock sound pollution. What you may see on television when lights and sirens are being used, often times doesn’t mirror what occurs in real life.

The proposed permanent substation that will better serve the greater Chesterbrook area won’t have an external house siren. Our volunteers and career staff rely on voice pagers and mobile phones for emergency call notification. 

Berwyn Fire Company was one of the first emergency organizations in the region back in the 1990’s to install priority green technology on all of our emergency vehicles. This allows a traffic light to be turned green, in turn making emergency vehicle travel through intersections safer for everyone. 

We understand how to be respectful of the neighborhood and community at large as it pertains to the use of lights and sirens. In many cases our own volunteers live in these neighborhoods or have friends and family that live there too. 


Unlike the zoning and overall development concerns that have surrounded the proposed townhome development on the former Picket Post Swim Club property on Chase Road., what the Berwyn Fire Company is proposing is a totally separate matter. A new Fire/EMS substation being built won’t cause a precedent to be set that would allow any developer to come in and develop on open space or protected property.

Since the Berwyn Fire Company provides at least two government-related services, fire protection and emergency medical services, and receives financial support from Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships to provide such services, it is our opinion that our emergency services use is permitted on land we are looking to acquire. This is good news and would make the approval process much cleaner. This would also enable the zoning designation to remain unchanged, whether we are located in the area of Anthony Wayne Drive and Valley Forge Road or another suitable location.

We are actively looking at other sites in the area that could be viable so we want the community to understand that we are leaving no stone unturned.
Unlike a developer looking to profit off a property acquisition, your local Fire/EMS organization is looking to better serve residents when there is an emergency and to embark on a project that is financially responsible. 


A major goal of this initiative is to increase volunteerism of our current first responders and to attract new volunteers from the greater Chesterbrook area. The ability to have updated, safe, and efficient facilities for volunteers to serve the community is a high priority. By focusing on data and other key metrics to locate the Fire/EMS substation we hope to increase our volunteerism, that in turn will save taxpayers money.


Based on interest, we are more than happy to facilitate tours of the temporary station, host virtual or in-person meetings to discuss the issues, or answer any of your questions or concerns. We are also very interested in meeting with individual HOAs and the residents they represent.

Please feel free to contact us directly:
Thomas Torresson
Eamon Brazunas
Fire Chief
Michael Baskin
EMS Captain
Regardless of your opinion on this issue, we appreciate you expressing it!

“We have great comfort knowing that Berwyn Fire Company has personnel and equipment so close to our home. Over the past year, we have seen ambulances and fire engines respond to emergencies in our neighborhood from the West Valley substation which otherwise would have taken a longer time if they came from Berwyn. At first, we thought there would be an increase in siren noise and traffic congestion with the substation being there, but we have not experienced that whatsoever. Berwyn Fire Company have been great neighbors and we feel fortunate to have them so close.” - Steve & Collen Gilmartin Muhlenberg Drive Residents

“Not a day goes by where I do not think of the Berwyn Fire Company and how thankful I am they saved my life due to their location, preparedness, and fast response.” Seth Sirover Springdell Village Resident Cardiac Arrest Survivor

“On March 24, 2020 I had a cardiac arrest at home while working out on a rowing machine.  My wife was on a treadmill right next to me. The entire emergency services team was terrific.  The 911 operator gave my wife clear and calm instruction on how to perform CPR.  My wife says that Police officers and EMTs arrived within 6 or 7 minutes. I had no vital signs when we left the house just a few minutes later.

Doctors, family and friends have been amazed that I made a full mental and physical recovery.  I am firmly convinced that the rapid response from the Berwyn Fire Company saved not only my life, but also brain cells. I will forever be thankful for every member of that team, and for their training and quick and professional reaction.” Pete Talman The Ridings Resident (Former) Cardiac Arrest Survivor

"Having the Berwyn Fire Company in Tredyffrin over the past year has provided us great peace of mind knowing they are so close if we need them. We have been amazed at how quickly they are able to respond to emergencies in our neighborhood. They really care about our community as we saw firsthand when they stopped by to show our two young boys the fire engine and talk to them. They are true professionals."           Matt and Heather Van Thuyne Huntington Drive

Rendering of Conceptual 1-story Fire/EMS Substation
Conceptual Site Location


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